Title: Patikayy + The Date from HellHAPPPPPYTUESDAY, YOU FILTHYFUCKING STONERS! Welcome back toanother episode of 2 Girls 1 Blunt with special guest, Patikayy(@Patryciakayy,) our favorite stoner content creator, tiktoker, and swingerextraordinaire(on + off the course!) Pati announces her recent divorce, chatsabout narcissistic relationships, and dishes on her technique to get anarcissist to let you leave. Plus, a shocking attack she sustained on a date,and her SHITTYmatchmaking experience.Find Patikayy on social media:https://www.instagram.com/patryciakayy/?hl=enFind 2G1B on social media:https://kite.link/2girls1bluntpodFind Jaime + Emily on socials:https://www.instagram.com/thejaimeleeshow/https://linqapp.com/jaimeleesimmons/https://instagram.com/loudemilyhttps://hoo.be/loudemily


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