A Spicy Gringo, a Mississippi Birdbath + 15 Sheep This week on 2 Girls 1 Blunt, we start off with a list of Urban Dictionary's finestsex acts, find out what a Spicy Gringo is, how much it'd cost for Emily to kick adude in the balls, what color kool-aid to use in a Mississippi Birdbath, and whygetting spanked as a child can lead to a kinky adult.We face off against 15 sheep, an insect apocalypse, and debate animal rights.(Someone call PETA.)

  2. Find out who Jaime's flirting with, and why the ladiesare contemplating breaking celibacy.Find 2G1B on social media:https://kite.link/2girls1bluntpodFind Jaime + Emily on socials:https://www.instagram.com/thejaimeleeshow/https://linqapp.com/jaimeleesimmons/https://instagram.com/loudemilyhttps://hoo.be/loudemilyAs always, we appreciate your support! If you could leave a glowing review onApple Podcasts, that would be greatly appreciated!!!! WE LOVE YOU!





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