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Kristen, Ryan and their guest, Greg Beam, aka @calisterpfactory smoked a fat joint of some wedding cake and sat down in the studio to get to kno...View Details

On this episode of Soil To The Oil Storytime, Kristen hears crazy stories from Stephan and his history in producing, acting and now in the cannabis in...View Details

Kristen and Ryan introduce us to Laura 'MZ Limitless' Turner, and her son, Isaiah, talk how times have changed regarding cannabis.

In today's episode, we are interviewing Colombian Gold.

Kristen and Ryan recorded this episode live at the CWBC Expo in Downtown LA. Kristen holds nothing back when talking about her experiences as a young ...View Details

Join Kristen and Ryan as they talk with Rachael Maddison, creator of StrainConnect, an app that helps consumers find the right cannabis products for t...View Details

Join Kristen and Ryan as they talk with Troy Redington, owner of 420 Vape Zone, about dry herb vaporizers and getting kicked off of Youtube after goin...View Details

Adam Meyn of Telergent and Ryan Barrier of LEDBloom head up an awesome network of trustworthy cannabis businesses and service providers called the Can...View Details

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